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Dawn Bruce

Operations Manager

Dawn Bruce began her career at Preferred Pump LLC in 2011, joining the team then led by her father John Bruce. John had been with Preferred Pump LLC since shortly after its inception and retired in 2021. Dawn has worked in a broad spectrum of duties in the company, including purchasing, order entry, technical support, and quotation. She has also provided detailed technical support. Her experiences have prepared her for the larger responsibilities of operations manager. 


Bryan E Kesterson

Outside Account Manager

Bryan Kesterson joined the Preferred Pump LLC team in 2019 and brings 30 years of mechanical experience in the corn refinery business and pharmaceutical manufacturing at Eli Lilly/Evonik. During his career, he has held roles as millwright, maintenance mechanic, reliability tech, and reliability engineer. Bryan consults on new pumping equipment as well as troubleshooting issues with older systems.


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